Blend Down-Home, Rustic Design with Modern Comfort

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Imagine enjoying a perfect evening on your large, wrap-around porch while something delicious simmers inside on a country kitchen stove. This distinctly American dream has made the custom farmhouse home a top-choice for generations. Its blend of rustic charm and practical beauty is perfect for both young and old homeowners. If you fit right into that vision, contact Bates Estates LLC today to learn more.

Your farmhouse home builder will work closely with you from start to finish to exceed your wildest expectations.

Is a farmhouse-style home right for you?

Is a farmhouse-style home right for you?

While farmhouses are often pictured on a large plot of rural land, their style is ideal for virtually any location. You should consider a custom farmhouse if you...

  • Enjoy entertaining family and friends in spacious gathering rooms
  • Have always wanted a large, wrap-around porch
  • Need ample space for bedrooms and family areas
  • Love rustic, country kitchens
The farmhouse kitchen is the heart of the home. It usually features natural woods, practical designs and a table large enough to fit the family and a few guests. Reach out to your local farmhouse home builder today to share your design ideas.