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Blending quaint French country themes with Cajun and Southern antebellum architecture, Acadian homes have been popular throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for centuries. Their rustic, traditional features have given way to more modern details like brick or stone facades and open floor plans. If you're interested in a custom Acadian home, contact Bates Estates LLC to learn more.

We're a leading Acadian home builder with countless satisfied clients throughout the Lafayette, LA area. Call today for a consultation on our custom Acadian home construction.

What are the defining features of Acadian style homes?

What are the defining features of Acadian style homes?

Acadian homes represent much of the people and culture in Louisiana, offering a striking balance of traditional French themes and Southern American life. You can spot an Acadian home by its:

  • Steep-pitched roof, often incorporating gables
  • Covered porches for classically southern outdoor living
  • Brick or stone exterior features
While many Acadian homes are one-story, many modern designs incorporate additional living spaces or storage on a second story. Want to find out more? Contact your local Acadian home builder to set up an appointment.